Manure press

Pellon Group has been manufacturing and delivering Paskervilleri manure removal systems to farms across the country since 1967.


Our extensive experience and efficient product development together with our own hydraulic production have turned Paskervilleri  into a well-known concept. 




Compensating for pressure loss

In ordinary equipment, pressure loss grows depending on the length of the piping, an increase in the oil flow rate or a drop in the temperature of the hydraulic oil. The thrust may decrease by 50%.

In the Pellonpaja Manure press, the pressure loss is compensated with an Autohydro valve, which maintains the thrust close to the regular level, regardless of the pressure loss. 


Control unit

The manure press can be set to start up automatically by a control cabinet equipped with clock timing automation.



Autohydro machine unit

All Pellon Manure presses are equipped with an Autohydro valve, which compensates for the pressure loss. The pressure can be adjusted steplessly with an easy-to-use manual control from 0-180 bar. The noise level of the machine unit , even in reverse, is low.




Cylinders and hydraulic pipes

Pellon Group relies on its own manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for the manure presses. Robot welding guarantees the uniform quality of the products. The cylinder arms are coated with KROMAKS treatment, which outperforms even double chroming.