Watering system

Multiple functions in a single system for the best for your pigs

The Pellon pig housing Watering system facilitates efficient and economical washing of pig housing units. Using the Watering system saves water and cuts the time required for washing in half.

House-training the piglets is easy with the help of the watering system.

Cooling the pig housing in the summer with the Watering system and Pellon ventilation control is efficient and automatic.


Pre-wash soaking of units
The Watering system facilitates exceptional washing of pig housing units. The Watering system is set to soak the unit to be washed every couple of hours for 1-2 days. Embedded and dried up dirt layers wash away with a power washer so much easier after soaking.

Intermittent soaking saves water notably because only the amount of water the surfaces can absorb is sprayed on the surfaces with no excess water running to the slurry channel.

Watering for approx. 5 min every 1-2 hours.


"House-training” piglets
When the piglets arrive in the pig housing, watering is a simple tool for “house-training” the piglets.

Piglets naturally choose the driest spot in the pen for lying down. When the slat in the pen is watered the piglets learn to sleep elsewhere in the pen and make their excrement on the slats.

Watering for approx. 2 min every half an hour.


Cooling the pig housing with the watering system
During summer heat, the system can be used for spraying a fine mist of water in the air. The spraying frequency is raised compared to watering, which increases the humidity that binds heat. At the same time it allows the pigs to cool themselves by wetting their skins, which releases heat in the air as it dries resulting in a lower body temperature for the pigs.

Watering for approx. 30 s. every 1-4 mins.