High-pressure cooling

  • significantly improves the air quality in the piggery
  • improves suite hygiene
  • reduces stress behaviour and tail-biting
  • cools down the suites, thus improving eating

Cooling humidification significantly eliminates the dust floating in the air in the piggeries, reduces the vaporisation of ammonia in the air, and thereby also decreases the unwanted smells produced by the animals. These problems are present all year round. Constant use of humidification prevents dust from being able to rise into the air. This reduces the load on the respiratory organs both for the tender and the animal. During the winter months, the humidity of the suite air can be increased in order to reduce the risk of respiratory infections for animals and workers in the dry frost period.

The pressure for Pellon high-pressure humidification is produced with a frequency transformer controlled compressor (specially designed for piggery use) through a high-pressure pipe system and ceramic nozzles. Per suite control of the humidity and temperature in the high-pressure system can be linked with Pellon Atmos condition control system.