The Weaning suite

The easy-care growing environment for piglets

Building a weaning suite from Pellon furnishings is a fast and long lasting solution that fits all units.

The pen sides can be assembled with either plastic planks or dividing fence elements. Both materials can also be used together.


The plastic planks allow the weaning suite to be situated in different types of buildings with many different combinations. The hard and slippery material of the planks is easy to clean and resistant to moisture, wear and tear. The fittings, manufactured from stainless steel, add to the long life of the products.


Due to the material and design, the fence elements are a long lasting and easy care solution for all spaces.


Weaning suite feeding can be organized using either Pellon liquid or dry feed automatic feeders.





The total height of the pen is 75 cm. The vision grate and other accessories are made of stainless steel. The height of the shelter can be adjusted according to the size of the pigs or raised entirely.