The Farrowing suite

A safe and clean environment for the piglets to grow

To maximise their growing potential the piglets require  peaceful and clean living quarters. The Pellon selection will always have the best solution for your needs.


In the cage design the main emphasis has been the piglets' safety and the performance of the furnishings in all circumstances. The strong body of the farrowing suit cage is manufactured from hot dip galvanized pipe.


The carefully designed protective pipes of the cage form a safe space for the piglets in the pen, reducing the risk of injury. The cage and protective pipes stop the sow from accidentally hurting the piglets while eating or resting.


The multiple functions of the furnishings and ease of working are increased by the many ways a sow cage can be adjusted. A simple mechanism adjusts the cage width to best suit each individual sow. The cage length adjustment is easy with the telescopic sides.

The pen walls can be built with plastic planks or plywood. The pen posts are available in stainless steel for 50 cm high walls.

The sow feeding trough is made of stainless steel.




Pellon stainless steel tippable feeding trough 





Free farrowing pens

The Pellon free farrowing pen has a cage for the sow that can be swung open.

The size of the pen is decided on a case-by-case basis, but the overall size of the pen is always more than 6 m².

  • Several floor options
  • Floor plan solution according to the customer’s needs; however 50% of the surface area consists of less than 10% open grille
  • Pig nest
  • Care opening that makes cleaning the pen easier
  • Adjustable cage length
  • Two-part rear gate with a three-position locking mechanism
  • Fencing constructed out of 1 m and 50 cm tall plastic boards

Free farrowing pen open and closed


Easily tipped trough









A door keeps the pigs in the pig nest when necessary.