The Dry period suite

With versatile furnishings, every sow can eat in peace

Pens for sows and gilts are constructed out of one-meter-high plastic boards and stainless-steel parts where necessary. The slippery and hard surface of the plastic boards is resistant to wear and makes pens easy to clean.

Pens can be equipped with feeding stalls, which calm the sows and gilts while eating.



Pendulum gate cage

Sleeping or feeding in swing and pregnancy yards

  • 4-position lock:
    - free movement
    - blocking
    - full lock
    - single lock



Dividing walls made with casting mold profiles

The dividing walls of group pens can also be constructed out of casting mold profiles filled with grout, providing particularly strong dividing walls without the need for piles or other support structures.

  • Quick to install thanks to male/female tongue-and-groove joints
  • Filled with grout
  • Reinforceable with rebar thanks to holes in the profiles
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Thickness: 100 mm, width of one profile: 333 mm
  • Available in standard 1,800 mm length or 6 m spars