Efficient slurry removal secures hygienic pig husbandry

Effective manure removal ensures hygiene in pig farming

Pellon’s range includes effective manure removal solutions for pig houses.

A well-organized manure removal system keeps a pig house’s suites clean and dry, improving production hygiene.

The diverse installation possibilities of the manure removal systems ensure compatibility with both new and old pig houses.


Maintenance free Slurry Suction removal system for slurry

The reliable Pellon Slurry Suction system is well suited to both small and large units. The easy to use system is efficient and has a long working life.


The plastic waste pipe is built from 250 or 315 mm sections. The connection to the main pipe is best made with the 45° Y-junction for the best suction. The waste pipe is closed and opened with a plunger valve or a guillotine valve.





Slurry Suction removal system parts

Waste pipe   250 mm or 315 mm  
Bend 45      
Bend 90      
Coupling sleeve      
Plunger valve or guillotine valve  

Automatically controlled removal system for slurry

  • Labour saving
  • Safe for animals
  • Automatic control
  • Good investment

Under the slats, in the manure channel, a moving manure scrapers-based system, can be the best solution even in larger units.


Traction machinery and sheaves are attached to a concrete wall. Traction machines can also be equipped with a cable guide that guides the cable evenly onto the drum pulley and improves its lifespan.


The slurry removal system can be programmed to start automatically up to ten times a day.


A simple structure ensures the system's reliability and long working life.