Dry manure removal

Pellon dry manure scraper system for dry manure removal

The Pellon dry manure scraper system is well suited to low and wide (1-1.4 meter) open manure channels. The low scraper design enables the pen gates' opening to the passageway.

Use of sturdy structures has ensured the durability and reliability of the manure press and strong triangle shaped piston.

The upright power unit has a low operating noise and a smooth change of direction.



Pellon PV 8000 side press removal via collecting channels


Pressing cylinder 80/56-1900mm Pressing power 9040 kp/180 bar Action speed 3.2m/6.3 m/min Stroke length 1900mm


Channel cylinder
Pulling 2-arm 20/30/20-2300mm
Speed 9.6 /9.6 m/min
Normal cylinder 60/45-2500 mm
Speed 3.2m/7.3 m/min



Pellon PV 8000 end press - Removal to the end of the pipe 


Pressing cylinder 80/56/-1900mm
Pressing power 9040 kp/180 bar
Action speed 3.2 m/6.3 m/min
Stroke length 1900mm




Pressing cylinder






Pressing cylinder


Channel parts 2-sided 100-140 mm
Scraper distance 1000 mm