Cost efficiency with heat pump

A heat pump can be used to effectively collect and store the heat produced in piggery processes. Utilisation of the energy from ground heat and sludge brings the owner noteworthy savings compared to oil-fired heating. A heating system that utilises a heat pump improves the living conditions of pigs as well as the tenders’ working conditions in the piggery.

The piggery heat pump collects heat from ground energy, sludge and the cooling of suites. The main advantage of the heat pump is its low operating cost.

The heat pump system can also be used for cooling of manure chutes, which significantly reduces the amount of ammonia in the air. The cooling of sludge pits reduces the air odour content in the animal shed by about a third. This produces clear benefits for example in environmental permit procedures when building new piggeries.


Efficient heat storage

The heat pump collects and stores renewable energy which is stored in the sludge and in the ground. The heat produced by the heat sources remains relatively consistent throughout the year, and it can be adjusted higher through heat pump technology. The cost savings are generated from the utility function of the energy required by the heat pump and the energy produced by it, i.e. the thermal coefficient, which is usually 2-to-4-fold.

The heating equipment and a pipe system embedded into the heat collection circuit recycle a solution that binds heat energy. Compressor technology is used to raise this heat energy above 100 degrees, and the heat is then transferred into a hot water accumulator through a thermal exchanger. The energy being released is utilised when heating the suites and delivering drinking water and hot water, e.g. for cleaning the suites.

Pellon heat pumps are the foundation for the new Pellon HEPAC concept. The size of the condenser and superheater system is selected according to the number of animals.

1000 pigs => 40 kW
2000 pigs => 60 kW
3000 pigs => 80 kW


Heat collection pipes in the bottom of the sludge pits