Durable Polysan feeding troughs

The Polysan feeding troughs are manufactured from polymer concrete, a damage resistant and hard wearing material. Highly tolerant of chemical substances. Easy assembly and cleaning. Maintenance free. Minimal feed loss.

Polysan 14-28

Length 120cm
External width 28cm
Side height 14cm
Capacity 25l/m



Polysan 17-48

Length 120cm
External width 48cm
Side height 17cm
Weight 34kg
Capacity 60l/m



Polysan 14-42

External width 42cm
Side height 14cm
Weight 24kg
Capacity 42l/m


Polysan 12-38
Length 100cm
External width 38cm
Side height 13cm
Weight 15kg

Polysan 9-21

Length 52cm
External width 21cm
Side height 9cm
Weight 9kg


Polysan 23-32
Length 100cm
External width 32cm
Side height 16/23cm
Weight 29kg
Capacity 30l/m


Polysan 33-35

Length 100cm
External width 35cm
Side height 16/33cm
Weight 31kg
Capacity 35l/m


Polysan 34S

Length 60cm
External width 34/24cm
Side height 17/36cm
Weight 28kg


Kulmakaukalo 20
Capacity 20l
Note the right and left-handedness

in the troughs



OK PLAST troughs

Durable, UV-protected plastic Feeding troughs and dispensers.

Pig housing trough 101
Order number: 963 875
Capacity 15l, weight 3,3kg

Piglet trough 404

Order number: 963 902
Capacity 26l, weight 3,8kg

Piglet trough 301

Order number: 963 876
Capacity 15l, weight 1,1kg


Corner trough 107
Order number: 963 879
Extra lip 107  : 963 901
Capacity 21l, weight 2,0kg


Pellon Roster Trough


Length 49cm
External width 30cm
Side height 39/14cm
Capacity 17 liters