Durable Polysan feeding troughs

The Polysan feeding troughs are manufactured from polymer concrete, a damage resistant and hard wearing material. Highly tolerant of chemical substances. Easy assembly and cleaning. Maintenance free. Minimal feed loss.

Polysan 14-28

Length 120cm
External width 28cm
Side height 14cm
Capacity 25l/m




Polysan 14-42

External width 42cm
Side height 14cm
Weight 24kg
Capacity 42l/m



Polysan 33-35

Length 100cm
External width 35cm
Side height 16/33cm
Weight 31kg
Capacity 35l/m


Polysan 12-38
Length 100cm
External width 38cm
Side height 13cm
Weight 15kg

Polysan 23-32
Length 100cm
External width 32cm
Side height 16/23cm
Weight 29kg
Capacity 30l/m





Stainless steel troughs

Troughs are available in various models for individual pigs. Troughs sold by the meter are manufactured to measure.





Trough, deep-drawn stainless steel


Length 52,5cm
External width 39 cm
Side height 22 cm
Capacity 27 liters


Triangle troughs, stainless steel