Pig Robot

Pig robot - the efficient and reliable choice for pig feeding

Today thousands of Pellon Robots feed animals in different farms and units in seventeen countries around the world. The strong success of the Feeding Robots speaks for its satisfied users, who value reliability in demanding conditions.

The accurate delivery and multible functions of the Pellon Pig Robot computer  bring a whole new dimension to efficient feeding in different pig housing units.

The new computer-driven Feeding Robot that moves on rails allows individual optimum feeding in accordance with diagrams for each stage of growth. The robot offers many feed delivery techniques that are simply not possible with other feeding systems.



Robot feeding system - new efficient possibilities

Lactation feeding

  • The possibility for veratile use of different feeds
  • Automatic individual feed mix delivery for each lactating sow
  • Automatic delivery of piglet feed available

Pregnancy feeding

  • Sliding changes during a set period from lactation feeding to dry sow feeding. The sow will not notice the change

Dry sow feeding

  • Feed components are mixed at the delivery stage for individuals or groups
  • The Pig Robot delivers the feed to the hoppers according to the system used, e.g.:
    - Drop feeders
    - Slow feeders
    - Ad lib feeders
  • The diagram feeding makes automated pre-farrowing feeding possible

Gilt feeding

  • Ad lib feeding
  • In mobile feed distribution  the Pig Robot delivers a given amount of feed over a given distance during the drive
  • Automatic sliding feed change, e.g. from feed 1 to feed 2


Pig robot - the efficient and reliable choice for pig feeding

  • The small turning angle makes sliding possible in even the tightest of spots.
  • The hopper is filled automatically between feeding times.
  • The material is damage-resistant, condensation-free plastic.
  • The hopper can be divided into four feeding compartments.
  • Excellent feed flow
  • Easy, menu-based process computer
  • Battery-operated
  • The extremely accurate feed delivery system mixes the feed at the delivery point.


Stage feeding for weaners

  • Allows sliding feed change from one feed to another
  • Feed can be delivered to automatic feeders
  • certain feed mixture for single automatic feeder or in larger units for the full suite

Finisher feeding

  • Delivery to automatic feeders
  • Sliding feed changes
  • Pig Robot will adapt for fattening units:
    -Diagram feeding (limited maximum feeding)
    -Ad lib feeding
  • Mobile feed distribution: an ideal solution for smaller units