Pellon Graphics

Pellon Graphics management combines the productive elements of the different sectors


  • Accurate delivery at the correct time, self diagnosing software for adjusting functions
  • Multiple feeding times, optimum feeding consumption
  • Extra-fast feeding monitoring
  • Feeding time monitoring, automatic portion adjustment
  • Frequency converter adjustment in dosing

Energy optimizing system:

  • Compensation for self-generated heat of the
  • animals through ventilation
  • Compensation for outdoor air
  • Cooling and heating control
  • Watering and soaking system control

Alarm and monitoring system:

  • Control of feeding, ventilation, system components, etc.
  • Alarms and log data
  • Cellular phone alarm transfer
  • Battery back up, power failure alarm


Yield calculations:

  • Up-to-date profit calculations with animal and consumption data
  • Feed data -> mixture price -> profit monitoring of individual pigs
  • Basic data of animal number printouts per division
  • Feed component consumption per cycle


  • Always the correct condition adjustments from animal data
  • Division and age based curve adjustments
  • Curves for heating and minimum ventilation
  • Heating compensation programming
  • Monitoring alarm display

Feed mixtures:

  • Accurate dosing of components,self diagnosing software adjusts functions
  • Several feed recipes and sliding mixture change
  • Mill and screw control for equipment components
  • 16 feed components in one recipe
  • Small delivery of acids,vitamins and medicine
  • Liquid and oil dosing pumps