Increase the efficiency with new high-performance parts

Increase hygiene levels with high-performance  wash and acid aftertreatment
- effectively prevents deposit buildup!


High-performance wash system

  • 2 x special rotary washer 250L/min
  • Efficient SS 2.2kW high-performance pump, output 500L/min 2.5 bar
  • Assures cleaning of the tank in connection with each water intake
  • or a programmed separate wash

Magnum high-performance pumps expedite feeding as much as 30% and shorten recycling times!

  • New PG Magnum high-performance pumps for long, over 300m pipelines.
  • PG Magnum 350 and 450 models for pipelines even in excess of 600m.
  • High-performance pumps have a long service interval even in pig barns with more than 3000 fattening pigs!
  • Pumps have a deeply drawn or cast SS pump housing, no wearing welds.
  • Cast and machined SS impeller.

PG Magnum high-performance pump models:

  • Models PG Magnum 300/350 5.5kW,
    PG Magnum 400/450 7.5kW:
  • Wear resistant, deeply drawn SS body or in the 400 and 450 models a cast SS body
  • High performance 3-5bar 30-40m3/h
  • Non-clogging Vortex impeller D130 - 170mm
  • SS/tungsten carbide slip-ring seals
  • New energy-efficient IE2 motors

A high-performance acid treatment system provides:

  • Dosing and aftertreatment by the same device
  • Dosing according to formula
  • Programmed acid aftertreatment
  • Precision dosing nozzle 1L/min, 6bar
  • Acid aftertreatment fine mist nozzle adjustable 0.3-0.5L/min
  • Durable pneumatic diaphragm pump with Teflon coating
  • Double safety valve function with SS valves





Liquid components and water into the tank in just minutes!


Water intake/Whey efficiency component

  • PG Magnum 200 SS pump 2.2kW, output max. 500L/min
  • 1” or 2” SS Angle seat valve




SS industrial valves for a feeder

  • As a short-circulation valve: SS DN50 pneumatic ball valve
  • As a loop valve: SS DN50 pneumatic ball valve
  • As a feeding valve: SS63mm pneumatic diaphragm valve (threadless)
  • As a water valve: SS DN50 pneumatic angle seat valve  





Pneumatic inlet fitting shutter for components

  • Dust- and waterproof D 160mm automatic shutter device
  • SS/Nylon knife shutter, actuator 2 x 25/200mm cylinder

 Pellon powerpocket separator 

  • To be installed between the pump and the tank
  • Specially designed hygienic SS structure
  • Quick-fastening cleaning opening
  • 6/8/10mm barred sieve
  • Powerful magnet separator

 SS feed pipeline to the feed compartment 

  • 63 mm seamless SS pipeline, multiplies pipeline durability several times over