Liquid Feeding

Reliable partner for efficient production- Pellon Liquid Feeding

The Pellon Feedflow feeding management system is a reliable partner in the production management of pig housing. The system supports efficient production management and optimization, which leads to the best possible results.

The Feedflow liquid feeding system is for sows, piglets, weaners and porkers.


Pellon Feedflow is the most versatile management system on the market. The feeder functions as a residual-free water pressure feeder, a recycling feeder or a combination of the two according to requirements. The benefit of residual-free feeding is improved feed efficiency – all groups receive the specific mixture intended for them in precisely the right quantities. Additionally, the temperature of the feed can be set at a specific point, which improves results, particularly in growers. After feeding, all or some of the pipes can be cleaned with water or pressurized air. Downpipes can also be cleaned with pressurized air.


Feed mixing is very flexible. Feed components can be added to the mixture in any order, one component can be added in several batches and the mixture can be left to ferment or stirred before the addition of different components. Using the fermenting hopper or hoppers helps optimize the bacterial balance and improve the welfare of the animals.

The mixing hopper can be chosen from a size range of 200–9,000 liters. Pellon hoppers are always six-sided which, in combination with new, more-powerful mixing plates, ensures effective mixing.


The Feedflow controller can also be used to manage other devices in the pig house, such as ventilators.

Feeding management with Pellon Feedflow is effortless. The farm data (e.g. number of animals, animal groups, feed components used, length of piping) are entered into Feedflow , enabling Feedflow to manage the feeding automatically. In addition, the software analyses the system during operation and performs routine feeding operations automatically.

Pellon Feedflow remote control option also facilitates the pig housing operation management. The software can be managed through the internet, creating a new kind of freedom for farm management.

The fine adjustment of feed portions can be automated by measuring eating time.

The software includes different profiles for different uses (e.g. main user, staff, holiday substitutes, etc.).


Pellon Feedflow is the reliable and safe partner in pig housing. The process computer is efficiently protected against the demanding conditions of pig housing. Feedflow is also protected against power surges and failures. After a power cut the software resumes independently, a function of great importance in today's large pig housing units.








Product details

Other Properties of Pellon Feedflow management

  • Automatic function in case of power failure
  • Silo monitoring is available with level sensors or scales.

  • Real time system, with the possibility of “flying” changes during other functions
  • Automatic alarm, e.g. through cellular text message
  • Additive dosing without feed value
  • Time-based small delivery for acids , medicine and vitamins
  • Dynamic group feeding: automatic feeding group change for each pen.
  • Ventilation control

Remote operation

  • PC and mobile device connection
    - wireless
    - LAN
    - serial interface
  • Text messaging



<b>Pellon liquid feeder 7000 l</b>
<b>Liquid feeding</b>
<b>Pellon smaller liquid feeder 500 l</b>
<b>Liquid feeding</b>
<b>Liquid feeding</b>
<b>Level sensor</b>
<b>Liquid feeding</b>
<b>Liquid feeding</b>
<b>Stainless steel trough</b>

Sow feeding

  • more accurate feeding with the Precise delivery valve
  • quick monitoring of feeding with speed feeding
  • circuit based mixture boost (hogs, dry sows, weaners and sows in the same circuit)

Lactation feeding

  • dynamic group feeding: automatic feeding group change for each pen
  • sliding mixture change for groups
  • component delivery for medicine and vitamins

Fattening unit feeder

  •  for large units and long pipes
  • circuit based mixture boosting enables good fermenting of the mixture and reduced mixing time
  • sliding mixture change for groups