Dry feeding

Durable and easy-to-use Pellon Chain conveyor feeding system

Pellon Chain conveyor feeding system modules are an easy solution for dry feeding systems in any type of pig housing.

The Pellon Chain conveyor feeding system adapts to the group and individual feeding needs of different suites. The feed can be delivered from several sources and the groundbreaking design of the system modules prevents the feed from sticking and ensures  easy transport from storage to delivery.

The durable materails of the modules together with the safety mechanisms create a long-life, easy-to-use feeding system.




1. Drive units

  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Automatic safety mechanism to prevent excess chain loosening or tightening
  • Motor with integrated gears

    Pellon Super Drive unit

    • Max. line length 700 meters
    • The Super Drive unit features an extra strong Super chain

    Pellon Drive unit

    • Max. line length 350 meters

    2. Computer controlled feed mixing unit

    • Computer controlled batch mixer with individual valve delivery
    • Pneumatically operated automatic valves
    • Control for up to 800 dispensing valves
    • PC-connection

    3. Drop feeder

    • The plug rising through the feed prevents it from sticking.
    • Easy feed portion adjustment

    4. Feeder mechanism

    • Stainless steel
    • Active vibrator
    • Adjustment hatch
    • Observation hatch
    • Also available with double exit

    Auger feeders
    Even, correct delivery prevents chain overload

    • Effective vibrator
    • Built to accommodate a return flow pipe (optional extra)

    Motor driven feeder

    • Motor driven delivery allows even feed distribution from different silos
    • Feed re-delivery
    • Effective vibrator 

    5. Corner

    • A wide 90° corner with ball bearings
    • Maintenance-free ball bearings are protected from dust


    • The new PELLON® dry feeders have high volume, durable 60mm pipes
    • Built for today's demands

    Drop tube

    • multiple different pipe and pen connection possibilities