guarantees dry and fresh feed. Opening and easy detachment make effortless feeder maintenance and cleaning possible. The lid has two holes as standard, should the pig housing use an auger feeder.


Container extension
Extends the feeder's feed container volume by 54 liters. Due to the transparency, the amount of feed in the container is easy to see.


Great volume. Secure feed flow due to the material and shape of the container.


Eight different dosing amounts. Dosing is precise and easy due to the simple locking.


Grid attachment
Piglets cannot tip the feeder over, no matter how full of feed it is. The feeder can be installed to pens equipped with plastic, cast iron or concrete grids. Easy and quick attachment with the adjustment rod located in the middle of the feeder.


The feeder structure and parts are designed piglet-safe.


StartFeeder 20

  • Feed dispenser for weaned piglets 
  • Designed especially for easy and stress-free weaning when transferring from milk to dry feed 
  • Easy and precise adjustment of feed quantity
  • Strong attachment to the grid, easy to detach for moving

StartFeeder 54

  • For when larger feed quantity needs to be stored in the feeder, or when an automatic feeder is used 
  • The volume of the transparent feeder container extension is 54 liters 
  • Two standard openings for feed tubes on the lid and an openable hatch