The Fattening suite

For efficient meat production

Efficient meat production demands a lot from the suite furnishings. These demands are met with Pellon fattening suite pen solutions. The materials have a long working life and produce a well functioning solution for every unit.

Pellon Group has many solutions for the feeding requirements of fattening suites. All solutions are easily assembled for each pen choice.



  • Can be opened from both sides
  • Locked from both the top and bottom

Plastic plank pens

The plastic plank is a long lasting solution when designing pens for the fattening suite. It is an easy-to-work material giving fast results in the most demanding of spaces.

The slippery and hard surface takes wear and tear in its stride and the pens are easy to keep clean. The gate, reaching all the way to floor level, opens in and out and can be completely removed.