A new Maintenance and After-Sales Manager for Pellon Group


Jukka Seppä, 51, has been appointed Pellon Group Oy's Maintenance and After-Sales Manager as of 11 January 2021. Mr Seppä's job description includes the management and development of installation, maintenance and after-sales services in Finland together with the Pellon service team and our contract service network. In addition, his responsibilities include the management and development of after-sales support for our export dealers. Mr Seppä will work as the head of the Pellon maintenance team.

Jukka Seppä joins Pellon Group from Monäs Feed Oy Ab, where he has worked as a Technical Manager and Business Unit Manager, and from E-P:n Minkinrehu Oy, where he has worked as a Technical Manager. He has previously worked for example as a Project Manager and Sales Support Manager at Wärtsilä Finland Oy, so he has solid international experience in the field of export technology. Prior to that, he worked at VEO, where he gained strong experience in electrical automation.

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