Pellon Group Oy 1966-2013



Pellonpaja, named after being a workshop in the middle of a field, began with pig house furnishing sales in 1966.


The first automated manure removal devices were installed in 1967.


The fully automated pig barn with automatic controls and dry feeding was first manufactured in 1968.


Production was transported to bigger housing in Ylihärmä in 1969


Along with pig house furnishings, cow house furnishings became a significant production line, when in 1971 Pellonpaja signed deals with large central businesses: Kesko and SMK, who began to train some of their sellers into cattle husbandry salesmen.


In 1973 sales exceeded the production capacity. The best-selling products were manure removal devices and stall furnishings.


In 1974 a new hydraulic manure press was introduced.


In 1976 the company moved to its current residence, into a more contemporary and larger production space.


1980 was a record year for the sales of stall barn furniture and hydraulic manure presses.


In 1985 the liquid feeding system for pig houses was brought to the market.


In 1988 the main businesses were replaced with a sales organization in Finland.


In 1989 Pellonpaja bought the cleaning detergent-producing Tekno-Säästö Oy and founded Datatech Oy for developing IT-programs meant for agricultural purposes.


In 1993 the first of PELLON feeding robots, the Concentrate Feeder Robot, is introduced.


In 1996 Pellonpaja developed the Combi Robot that made it possible to deliver concentrated feed with fresh feed at the same time.


In 2000 a new generation’s modular PELLON Graphics control system was brought to the market. It was put to use in both liquid feeding and cow feeders.


In 2002 the robot family had two newcomers: Free Stall Robot and Fresh Feed Robot.


In 2003 Pellonpaja Oy becomes the major stock holder in the Swedish agriculture machinery and -furniture producing Ydre-Grinden Ab.



In 2006 Pellonpaja manufactures the pig house automation application, where the liquid feeding and ventilation operating systems are integrated as one. Pellon Sp.zo.o is founded in Poland.


In 2007 Pellonpaja expands to horse husbandry products. The sales of barns, horse stalls and riding school buildings will begin. Building solutions will make it possible to merely hand over the keys after delivery.


In 2008 Pellon Liquid Manure Processing system – an overall system solution to treat animal manure, is introduced. Pellonpaja Oy becomes the sole stock holder in Ydre-Grinden Ab.


In 2009 Pellon Multiline Production Managament System, is introduced. In Pellon Multiline the feeding, milking and herd management systems are integrated as one.


In 2010 Heat pump technology


In 2010 Pellonpaja changed it’s name to Pellon Group Oy. The company has sales activities in ca. 20 countries, Finland and Sweden as the company's home market.


In 2011 subsidiary Pellon GmbH is founded in Germany. Company is responsible for Pellon automatic cattle feeding system sales, service and customer support in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


In 2012 Pellon Group Oy is presenting the new feed kitchen line-up of the Pellon Feedline automatic feeding system. Automatic feeding of dairy and beef cattle has now become even more efficient and reliable.


2013 Our biological manure handling product family’s first product, Biosampo, is released.


2014 The Manure Master - the manure removal system is introduced and sales begin. The Manure Master wins the silver innovation award at Eurotier.


2016 Our biogas reactor is introduced


2017 Pellon launches a new, more efficient Feedline HD belt feeder line for cattle feeding. 10,000 sheep units are supplied to China.


2018 Our new Feedline e-Pro automatic feeding system is introduced, controlled by the new G-Pro2.


2019 Pellon Group obtains exclusive distribution rights for the Urban GmbH calf watering equipment in Finland and Sweden. Exclusive deal for the Chinese export market with Kingpeng Global Husbandry.

The Pellon Feedflow Free Feeder is introduced.