The Pellon Group

The Pellon Group offers complete solutions for milk, pork and beef production. The solutions improve farm productivity and animal well-being.


The Pellon Group has over six decades of Nordic industrial history in its backpocket. During this time Pellon has earned its place among the leading companies in the business. Pellon is the technological leader in its niche, which is a result of long and continuous collaboration with numerous universities and research centers. The result of this collaboration is a family of products that offers flexible, comprehensive solutions, fitting all the individual needs of each customer.


Pellon has a wide range of products, a notable part of which is founded on personal product development and manufacturing, but also includes the finest of special products, manufactured by business partners, who are the best in the industry. With its large, modular products, Pellon has the ability to manufacture cow and pig farm entities of all sizes that in addition are automated beyond general practice.



It is Pellon's way to focus on the customers' goals and provide them with the technology and solutions accordingly. As a pioneer in production automation, with a large production line and the ability to work together with the customer to come up with the best production solution, Pellon can let the customer's goals be the final result.


Pellon is an agriculturist's partner, to which successful production projects, good maintenance and its availability, and developing the production together with the customer are a matter of honour. The quality of production is guaranteed by Lloyd's ISO 9001:2000 certified quality system.