Ydre-box horse stalls with adjustment options

The unique Ydre-box profile system, adjustment options and tough fastenings as well as the rails and suspension wheels of the sliding doors make this box the most ideal choice concerning quality and price.


In the product development of our boxes, we have focused on making the units as noiseless as possible to guarantee satisfaction for both horse and minder in the stable. A 95-millimetre adjustment allowance facilitates installation, especially on slanted walls.


95-millimetre adjustment allowance facilitates installation


Sliding or hinged doors

You can choose your Ydre-box doors alternatively with a sliding mechanism or hinges. The sliding door for the basic model is delivered with Ø25 mm bars and the planks are either spruce or grey plastic. The door opens easily with one hand.


The practical lock of the hinged door is easy to open both from inside and outside the stall. The placement of the door can be adjusted vertically and horizontally due to the suspension mechanism. The door is available also with Ø34 mm horizontal bars or no bars at all.


Hinged door Ydre-box with horizontal planks and rotating trough (optional)


Ydre-box with sliding door


Technical specifications

Front wall 2200 mm
Distance from floor to barred segment 1305 mm


Free opening 1350 mm


Circular hollow section 48x3.25mm
C-profile 50 40x50x40x3 mm (42mm plank)
C-profile 40 40x40x40x3 mm (32mm plank)


Structural hollow section 50x50x3 mm.
Other posts 80x80x4mm or 100x100x4 mm.


Tongue-and-groove jointed planks of spruce, oak or plastic 32 mm.


Colours of plastic:
Grey in stock, black or brown by order.



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