Manure press

Pellon 4000 manure press

Pellon has been manufacturing manure removal systems since 1967.


Our extensive experience, excellent product development and own hydraulic production have turned Pellon manure removal systems into a concept that endures from one decade to the next.


The Pellon manure removal system models also offer well-suited solutions for horse stable manure removal. The manure pit can be located at the end or at the side of the stable building.


All press models are equipped with a mechanically controlled plane mechanism and a powerful 8000 pressing cylinder to guarantee sufficient force for removing the manure.


Hydraulic power units are equipped with Autohydro valves which compensate for the pressure loss.

Smooth change of direction and the hydraulic pump, which is located in the oil tank, ensure a quiet operating sound.  


The hydraulic cylinder arms are coated with durable Kromaks treatment to increase the strength of the finishing and prolong the working life.



Channels are hidden under the floor 




Manure is removed through the channels