Patent protected Water Treatment System - Pellon Oxiwater

A patent protected water treatment system, which produces safe and fast-acting disinfectants that are able to achieve log7 reduction in spores.

The disinfecting devices are designed to produce biotic control substances on site whenever water purification, disinfection and sterilization are needed.

The technology is based on the electrochemical activation of water. The demand for this sort of technology is growing, because farms want to stop using toxic chemicals.

The chemical properties of the biotic control substances produced are similar to the active components of chemicals on the market.

But contrary to many of the products on the market, the substances produced with this particular device are non-toxic, non-irritant, biodegradable and ecologically safe.  

The biotic control substances can not be classified as dangerous even in their most concentrated forms according to EU directive 99/45/EC. The standard COSHH* regulations apply.  

  • Treatment of diarrhea and inflammations without drug remnants
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of boxes
  • Treatment of cuts and wounds without stinging
  • Washing and disinfecting of devices
  • Removal of biofilms from the water system
  • Prevention and destroying of Legionella bacteria
  • pH neutralization
  • Neutralizing of odour compounds, removes ammoniac gases

EZ-100 system


EZ-100 system installed







*COSHH = Control of substances hazardous to health