Vinyl Laidunmaa fences

Finish the cosiness, tidiness and functionality of your stable surroundings with vinyl Pellon Laidunmaa fences and gates. They are applicable to many environments and uses, such as horse yards, pastures, border fences and space dividers. Due to their remarkable durability and safety, they are also ideal for race tracks and hippodromes as well as courtyards and driveways.


Laidunmaa fences never need surface treating, and they maintain their colour and solidity for decades. When needed, electrical guards are extremely easy to install because also the posts are made of vinyl.


The products need not (must not) be surface treated in any way. They are not affected by pests, moisture, drought, cold or snow; they are not easily battered; they do not rust, get wet, become slimy or decay, and they do not splinter. The products are lightweight and designed to endure storm grade wind loads. They do not contain any surface treatment or preservative substances and are therefore safe for people as well as animals.