Constraint boxes

Pellon constraint box

The box makes a veterinarian’s job easier. Horse handling is effortless with a foldable gate in the front and a hinged door in the back.

  • Open sides
  • Can be used with radiography/ultrasound equipment
  • Floor attachment
  • Adjustable length
  • 60 mm steel hollow section structure



 Ydre constraint box

  • Consists of four adjustable 3000 mm 50x50 corner posts installed between floor and ceiling
  • Plank wall length 1700 mm and height from floor to top 1300 mm
  • Plank door (reversible suspension left/right, height from floor to top 1000 mm
  • Front gate hollow section 48 mm in diameter
  • Inside width 750 mm
  • Outside measurements 850x1900 mm
  • Plank thickness 32 mm; we recommend plastic plank for easier cleaning.