HIT-Softbed Standard for soft rest areas in individual and group stables

Rest areas for horses are usually provided with bedding material of some sort or another. As well as straw, a range of other diverse materials can be used, such as wood shavings, sawdust, etc. In addition to the work involved in bringing in bedding, and the inevitable mucking out, comes the problem that a large percentage of the bedding material will be wetted and must therefore be regularly disposed of. The consequences are, more often than not, extremely large manure heaps which take up a great deal of space and are expensive to remove. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find farmers who are prepared to take what can often be large amounts of unrotted material.


In practice, an all-over generous covering of loose bedding is often abandoned in favour of mucking out every day. The relatively thin and light bedding layer provided in this case might look good when it is first brought in; however, after several hours the horses will have heavily soiled the material and pushed it aside. The animals then end up having to lie down on the bare and hard stable floor.


For several years now the HIT-Softbed STANDARD has been used in stables with ever-increasing success. The 1.80 m x 2.40 m sized, 130 kg Softbeds are ideally suited for installation in individual or group stables. As a foundation on which to place extra bedding material or as a complete replacement for bedding, the soft and flexible Softbeds provide a long-lasting soft and pleasant bedding surface.







The Softbed STANDARD has a 30 mm foam interior core which is contained within two rubber mats. The rubber mats have a vulcanized seal at the outer edges, so that no liquid can get inside.


The Softbed STANDARD is simply installed onto the floor of the stable; it‘s heavy weight means that the horses are unable to move it. If required, several Softbeds can be installed together to provide larger, connected resting areas.