HIT-Draingrid H55.0


The most effective floor covering for exercise yards, paddocks and riding arenas


The keeping of horses in a natural environment is a growing trend. More and more horse owners take it for granted that their horses permanently need exercise yards with fresh air and lots of movement. This increases requirements concerning soil conditions within exercise yards. The most important aspect is that the ground has to be robust and skid-proof and, in case of rain, water quickly needs to be drained away.


HIT-Draingrid satisfies all the criteria mentioned above. With or without foundations, in any circumstance it is possible to create functional and consistent ground for exercise yards and paddocks. The creation of soil conditions in riding arenas requires similar criteria. Here, the application of HIT-Draingrid also guarantees that the ground steadily dehydrates effectively and that it does not become “too deep”. In general, exercise yards and riding arenas are to be built on the basis of the original ground; i.e. the different layers: load-bearing, separating-layer, tread layers, are built above the existing soil level including a decline of 1-2%. The following illustrations represent different possibilities concerning the installation and refer to important aspects regarding the ideal soil construction.


Basic size 60 x 40 x 5,5 cm


The advantages of HIT-Draingrid at a glance:


  • Only one grid with transverse drainage function
  • Installation height 55 mm
  • Material: impact resistant recycling-polyethylene
  • Can be used with and without foundation
  • Can be used even in the case of soils
  • impervious to water
  • Only slight sand cover required
  • Increase in soil resilience
  • Excellent stacking reduces carrying costs
  • Optimal price-performance ratio due to innovative product design T- D


An example of layer construction for HIT-Draingrid:



  1. Paddock boxes: 3-5 cm; exercise yard: 5-7 cm; riding arena 8-10 cm; granulation according to requirements
  2. 5.5 cm HIT-Draingrid with fine gritting material (2-5 mm granulation)
  3. Liner or geotextile
  4. Grown soil; levelled with a decline of 1-2%