Curtain wall

Gravitational ventilation of free stall barn

Pellon Curtain wall is implemented for motorised use as an easily operable system.

The operation can be connected for manual control or optional automated use through a weather station.

The material is high-quality, domestically made and weatherproof PVC fabric manufactured especially for the Scandinavian conditions.

The optional alternatives for exhaust units are Pellon exhaust ducts or Pellon airable light ridge.

A good quality of air is an important production factor for efficient and wholesome production in a free stall barn. The exhaust of gases produced by animals (carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia and hydrocarbons) must be effective enough and the supply of fresh replacement air must be secured.

A high level of humidity in a building favours the growth of moulds. A functional ventilation system promotes efficient removal of humidity, as a result of which favourable conditions for mould growth cannot be created.

In the summertime, gravitational ventilation is used to transfer heat out of the building. In warm weather, the heat produced by animals is extracted from the building and the interior remains pleasant and cosy.

Gravitational ventilation guarantees safe indoor air conditions for the animals, which is often better than a heat-insulated free stall barn.