Wire scrape for passage mat

There are three types of scrape wings available for open channels equipped with a passage mat –edge wings or so-called straight wings as well as a wing model for manure passages in which the cross channel is located somewhere other than at the end of the building. 


A straight wing is suitable for use in freestall barns with passages less than 60m in length. Edge wing models are recommended for passages over 60m long, in which a cross channel is located at only one end. Edge wing models can also be used in cold freestall barns, in which the manure is drier. 

Rubber mat wings are equipped with an adjustable and replaceable plastic moulding, using which the passage is cleaned exceptionally well.  


Wings for open channels always require a guide groove in the bottom of the manure passage, either with a U-steel beam or a urine separation element. All open channel wings are articulated from the middle, so that sloping of the manure passage does not affect the functioning of the scrape.