Manure Removal Systems

Select the best-fitting system for your barn from the large Pellon collection.


For good udder and hoof health with a clean barn

According to research the cleanliness of manure passages and resting stalls have a great effect on udder and hoof health.

The importance of cleanliness is accentuated especially after milking, when the cow is tired and it wants to lie down to rest peacefully in the stall.

After the milking the open puller heads are more sensitive to contamination, so cleanliness matters a great deal in the retraction of the pullers. With functional manure removal keeping the stalls clean is effortless and work-reducing.

With correct manure removal, the manure passages can be kept clean, which greatly helps hoof health.

Correctly executed tippings of the manure passage and the Urine Separator elements in the middle of the channel guarantee a dry platform for the cows, whether a concrete channel or Pellon Pasture Mats are used on the manure passage.

Due to the dryness of the manure passage, slipping is also reduced considerably.


The automatic manure removal system keeps the barn clean and dry efficiently.

With the automatic manure removal system, keeping the barn clean is effortless. 

Automation leaves more time to do other work in the barn. The work demanded by manure removal is merely observation while doing other work, the automation takes care of the rest.


A safe solution

The Pellon Manure Removal Systems have security functions, with which the possible damage caused to the animals by the system are avoided. Upon bumping into an obstacle the scrape will stop and move back.