Lift Gate HD for guiding animals

  • A sturdy, quiet and easy-to-use lifting gate for guiding groups of animals.
  • Large wheels installed in the grooves ensure quiet and light operation.
  • Thanks to the telescopic barrier design, the gate is always the appropriate size and optimally weighted.
  • The telescopic barrier has three different positions, allowing the gate to fit a gap of 2.8 to 6 meters.
  • In addition to ease of use, assembling the gate is easy due to the pre-assembled elements.
  • The posts can be opened, which makes assembly easier while allowing for a fully enclosed structure that prevents animals from dirtying the mechanism.
  • Large floor-mounting plates ensure suitability for any location.
  • Opening the locking mechanism is difficult for animals and easy for humans.
  • When the gate is lowered, it locks automatically, making it possible to close the gate quickly and minimize the risk of animals escaping.