eLift Gate HD, electrically operated remote-control lifting gate

  • A sturdy, quiet and easy-to-use electrically operated lifting gate with remote control (range approx. 200 m).
  • Telescopic boom height: 800 mm; height from floor: 700 mm
  • Remote control allows for groups of animals to be easily guided to, for example, the milking parlour.
  • The design includes an ingenious electrical mechanism that makes using the gate safe, quick and easy, requiring only a press of a button.
  • Power is transferred via friction drive wheels and counterweights that allow the system to use extremely small motors and to be operated safely without the use of limit switches.
  • The gate can be raised to different heights, allowing the operator to easily manage the number of animals passing under it.
  • An automatic mechanical lock locks the gate in its lowered position without the need for separate electrical components (less technology – greater functionality).
  • Large wheels in the grooves of the posts ensure quiet and light movement.
  • The gate itself is telescopic, allowing it to be adapted to different widths up to 6 metres.
  • In addition to ease of use, the gate is also easy to install thanks to pre-assembled elements.
  • The posts can be opened, which contributes to ease of installation and allows for a completely enclosed design that keeps animals out.
  • Large floor-mounting plates ensure that the gate can be installed on any type of surface.