Pellon furnishings for stanchion barns

Pellon has long-term experience in manufacturing durable and functioning barn furnishings. Hot galvanized Pellon suites have been manufactured since the 1960s.

The Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance quality system that Pellon has is used to guarantee that every phase of the production is of quality, from designing to delivering the product to the customer.


When designing and manufacturing furnishings at Pellon, the target barn is fully taken into consideration both as a production facility and a working environment.

The starting points for designing good furnishings are, among others, animal friendliness and the functionality of the furnishings from the point of view of the user.


The high-quality materials, expert staff and contemporary machinery used in the manufacturing all make for well functioning and long-lasting Pellon furnishings.

You can find all furnishings, fasteners and drinking devices for free stall barns and stanchion barns in Pellon's collection.

It is also possible to make an order by measurements different to Pellon's standard production line.