Locks and attachments

  •  In beef cattle furnishings is used the pendulum lock, a lock specifically designed based on customer requests
  • The lock is exceptionally simple and easy to use and open with one hand
  • Safe and reliable
  • Robust construction, two locks/fence
  • Easy and quick compensation for "dangling" of fences with one adjustment nut
  • Animals are not able to open the locks
  • Attachment system is designed specifically for the demands of furnishings for beef cattle
  • The most robust attachments on the market
  • Adjustable fence attachments as off-the-shelf items also for IPE/HEA beams
  • Tailor-made attachments also for wood pillars
  • Delivery of pendulum locks always also includes the casting dimensioning drawing made on top of the customer's floor plan drawing, in addition to other installation instructions