Easy & Safe Basic

A basic locking fence for the feeding table - to facilitate everyday work  


Handling cows, for example, while inseminating, attaching ear tags and performing assorted other treatment procedures can be accomplished by a single person.
The basic model is designed for dairy cows, but it can also be used with young cattle.
Locking and releasing is specific to each fence element.
Feeding spaces are distributed in 60cm intervals. The neck space in the locking position is 17 cm.


Basic front fences are available in the following standard dimensions. 


Frame dimension alternatives:
Pellon EAS Basic 3x600 ...1850
Pellon EAS Basic 5x600 ...3000
Pellon EAS Basic 6x600 ...3600
Material: welded structure made from hot-dip galvanized steel.






Released position
The feeding area is available to the animals. The locking pipe moves freely as an animal comes to eat or leaves the feeding area.
Locked position
The pivoting locking pipe is supported from both above and below by the pipes forming the frame of the front fence. This support also prevents the collar from passing behind the locking pipe.
Safety function
In case an animal falls or other need arises, the locking pipe can be opened from its base either individually or for the entire group.