Easy & Safe

To facilitate insemination or other treatment procedures as well as improving work efficiency and safety, the front fences / a portion of the front fence of the pens must be lockable.

Pellon lockable front fence is the most versatile on the market: the front fence features five different functional options.

  • The lockable elements and feeding openings are steplessly adjustable according to the number / size of the animals.
  • The lockable front fence is quiet: the locking pipes' insulators are made of soft plastic and rubber.
  • Elements are attached with robust clamps tightened by two attachment bolts and a locking nut.
  • Front fence elements can additionally contain diagonal pipes which allow feeding but prevent feed from being pulled into the pen.





Released position = The feeding area is available to the animals. The engaging pipe is in the released position. The locking pipe moves freely as an animal comes to eat or leaves the feeding area.


To lock an animal / animal group into the front fence, the engaging pipe is turned into the locking position – in this case, the locking pipe will turn between the plastic stoppers of the overhead engaging pipe when an animal pushes its head through to the feeding table. The animal's head remains locked between the pipes.


Locked position: The pivoting locking pipe is supported from both above and below by the pipes forming the frame of the front fence, hence the fence will withstand the struggles of even a larger animal. This support also prevents the collar from passing behind the locking pipe. 


Half-locking: The movement of the lower part of the locking pipe is limited to the middle of the feeding opening, which prevents feed from being pulled into the pen. 


Individual locking: The other animals in a group can be allowed to feed while one animal is locked in the fence.


Safety function: In case an animal falls or other need arises, the locking pipe can be opened from its base either individually or for the entire group.