Cages for Calves

Fast and easy to clean due to side walls made of forward-sliding plastic boards. 


The front post of the side wall comprises a support wheel, on top of which the fence moves and locks into place without pegs and pins. The rear post guides the side fence into the correct position and allows the fence to be shut from the feeding table side without having to enter the pen. 


It is recommended that a small recess be made in the floor, but the pens can also be installed on a level floor. 


Can be installed against a wall, in which case guide profiles bolted to the wall are used instead of rear posts. 


Side fences are available either as solid walls or with openings for social interaction. The front fences of the pens can be turned from both ends in both directions.




Accessories: Hay cage, 3 litre calf bottle + holder or teat bucket + holder.

Pen dimensions: