Strengths of Pellon’s automatic feeding

  • Intelligent control combined with high reliability
  • Pellon G-Pro2 is an easy-to-use, highly reliable and versatile control system. With G-Pro2, you are in control of the mixture ratios and time, the order in which the mixture components are added, the number of animal feeding groups and distribution times, the consumption and inventory of feeding components and the operation of the equipment. Mixing from the recipes is always based on precise weighing.
  • The G-Pro2 system works fully independently without an online connection or computer. The feeding data and settings are secure regardless of power outages. The system supports a remote connection by a computer or tablet, but even in this case the data are stored in the feeder. Pellon G-Pro2 is built for the barn environment and has protection class IP67. The device has no moving parts, such as relays or hard drives.

A new level of capacity

  • Pellon Feedline e-Pro can be supplied with high-capacity equipment, enabling simultaneous manufacture of mixed feed and transfer or distribution of the previous batch at the same time. With the system, we can increase the capacity to a new level never seen before on the market. This means being able to feed several thousand cattle multiple times in multiple groups. There is no need to compromise on the benefits of automatic feeding because of the large number of animals.

Well-designed is pretty much done

  • Upon request, we will lay out and design the equipment configuration so that it uniquely fits the installation site.

Low cost of operation

  • The Silonox material in the mixer increases its useful life.
  • Our new electric engines use a frequency converter, which enables operation that saves the mechanism and energy. For example, smooth start, etc.

Reliability from experience

  • Pellon Feedline e-Pro automatic feeding systems are used daily across the world.
  • Feeding is possible with grass, whole grain or maize.
  • Pellon Group has developed, manufactured and delivered the technology needed by animal farms throughout its 50-year history.
  • We work under the control of the LRQA ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.