Mixing Devices

TMR Mixer – mixing and dosing

The round base of TMR Robot’s mixing container facilitates feed mixing and takes only under 3kW of energy.
Mixture is made with two crosswise mixing moves. Feed on the bottom is lifted to the front part of the shuttle with a scraper conveyor, and then poured onto the bidirectional horizontally rotating screw in the middle of the container.
Due to its construction, Pellon TMR clears completely so the equipment enables to mix also very small feed batches.



TMR Mixer
Controls Pellon G-Pro2
Length 2730 mm
Width 1330 mm
Height 2050 mm
Capacity 2 m3
Empty weight 1200 kg
Power comsumption 2,2kW + 0,75kW 3-phase






CutMix vertical mixer

Pellon CutMix vertical screw mixer cuts and mixes
efficiently roughage and concentrates (also round bales) as well as by-products of food industry according to weight.
Liquid components can also be used.

Chopping and mixing
The knives are able to chop long material like long straws and produce a smooth-quality mixture. This also enables a flexible choice of feed components.

Even feed mixture and quality
Homogenous mixture quality and appropriate structure of feed can be achieved with a short mixing time.


Pellon CutMix SILONOX HD

The particularly rugged design of Pellon CutMix feed
mixers and mixer and metering systems with acid-resistant SILONOX HD assemblies made of frictionresistant stainless steel alloy makes this system ideal for high throughput and peak performances of professional farms.





Features: PELLON CutMix





CutMix 3 m³


CutMix 5 m³ PCM58405

CutMix 8 m³


CutMix 12 m³


CutMix 18 m³


CutMix 40 m³


Length 3500 mm 4160 mm 3240 mm 3240 mm 5070 mm 7110 mm
Width 1500 mm 2020 mm 2300 mm 2300 mm 2320 mm 2320 mm
Total height 2430 mm 2565 mm 2605 mm 3265 mm 2945 mm 3745 mm
Payload 1200 kg 2000 kg 3200 kg 4800 kg 7200 kg 16000 kg
Number of mixing augers 1 1 1 1 2 3
Number of knives 4 4 6 8 16 27
Power requirement 15 kW 22 kW 22 kW 30 kW 2x22 kW 3x37 kW
Mixing/ residual emptying

18/38 rpm

18/38 rpm

18/38 rpm

18/38 rpm

18/38 rpm

18/38 rpm