Pellon G-Pro2 - feeding control

Reliable Pellon G-Pro2

Pellon G-Pro2 runs independently without computer applications or internet connections. Feeding information and settings will not be lost in case of power breaks.
System setup or function does not need computers; all  settings can be entered right from the display unit.

Pellon G-Pro2 as a control system

Pellon G-Pro2 controls a single robot or a wide
multiphase and –branched feeding line. The system is the same in all the cases: Pellon G-Pro2
Pellon G-Pro2 controls individual feeding of animals or handles large herds as groups according to user setups. Making and dosing the feed mixes in the system is based on precise weighing.



Control system for demanding conditions

Pellon G-Pro2 modules and interfaces are of IP67
protection class, they have been tested already for years under the most challenging barn conditions. The system modules have no moving mechanical parts like hard drives or relays.

Remote connections

In advanced systems controls can be extended to barn’s PC control room or a tablet computer.






Controlled equipment

Feeding lines

  • Pellon BF 450 belt feeder, max 16 pcs
  • Pellon TMR, FreeStall, Combi and Concentrate robots

Feed mixers

  • Pellon CutMix and TMR

Filling devices

  • Filling tables Pellon Module FD, Module Twin Ripper FD and Module Silage Ripper FD
  • Pellon CrimBox, Big Bag Doser and Mineral Doser
  • Pellon roller mills


  • Components can be selected in several parts during mixing
  • 24 different feed components
  • Different mixes can be fed to feeding groups
  • Soaking times can be defined for feed mixtures
  • Automatic maintenance/greasing notification system
  • Password-protected user levels: Normal/Support/Maintenance
  • Controls also external mixers and filling devices
  • Option of dry ingredient based feeding where feed mixtures and dosages may be based on natural weight or dry weight
  • Among others, language options include Finnish, Swedish, English, German, Japanese, Dutch and French languages

Remote connections

  • PC connection (LAN or WLAN), GSM modem
  • Possibility to connect to external alarm systems
  • Detailed GSM text message alarms