Module DFD filling table

HighPower double cusp ripper ensures fast and even ripping for mixers or feed distribution equipment.

The bottom conveyor of Pellon Module DFD and FD filling device is driven with a frequency drive. Speed of DFD bottom conveyor is adjusted according to the load on the cusp ripper.
Module-series filling devices are remote controllable.


Pellon Module DFD
Controls Pellon Graphics
Capacity 13 m³ 19,5 m³ 26 m³
Length 4430 mm 6430 mm 8430 mm
Width 2430 mm*
Legs 2 m** / 3,3 m**
Height max. 4510 / 3510 mm
Discharge height max. 3200 / 2000 mm

* Width with loading extensions 2800 mm

** Height is adjustable 800 mm downwards






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