Feeding Screen

A considerable amount of space is saved with the Pellon Feeding Screen in the free stall barn

Feeding with the Feeding Screen saves space, for example in a free stall barn for 50 cows and young cattle, from 80 to 150m3. This will result in noticeable savings in building costs. Also the increasing size of the feed delivery wagon won't require extra height in the building, because the wagon does the distributing from the outside.


Improved hygiene in feed delivery

The dirt on the delivery wagon's tires will not end up in the feed, because the feed is distributed from the outside into the trough only meant for feed.


Safe and economical

The opening screen is safe for animals. When using the Feeding Screen, you don't have to open the large barn doors for the tractor. In this way there is no needless draft in the barn, especially in the winter.