Combi Robot

Best possible accuracy for tied up barns

Pellon CombiRobot is a feeding system also suitable for low alleys. It dispenses feed for cubicles by means of a cross conveyor belt equipped with scales. The CombiRobot refills it’s concentrate feeder head automatically. CombiRobot is fast in mixed feed operation. It distributes and dispens-es silage and concentrate at the same time.
Silage feeder
Your choice if you want to distribute and dispense only silage.


Features 2000 Combi
3000 Combi
Controls Pellon Graphics
Capacity 2 m³ 3 m³
Length 3100 mm 4100 mm
Width 1140 mm
Feed distribution width 1100, 1300 or 1500 mm
Height 1850 mm
Installation height min. 2100
Power consumption Battery
Straw length in feed max. 100 mm



Silage feeder




Combi Robot