Feed transport, silos and mills

BC 450 Belt Conveyor for long transfers

Pellon 450 mm wide conveyor belt for transferring feed mixture or other feed components over long distances from the feeding system in the barn or from one barn to the next.

With 2 way drive unit conveyor can operate both directions.

  • Conveyor belt increases capacity
  • Modular profile construction
  • 120 m maximum length

Features Pellon BC 450
Controls Pellon G-Pro2
Length of the base section *600 mm (drive and free ends)
Length of the elements 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000 mm*
Belt width 450 mm

Power consumption

3,0 kW 3-phase
*Frame stiffeners available for 6 m pillar spacing




BC 600 Belt conveyor for escalation angles

Pellon 600 mm wide conveyor belt for transferring feed inside the feed kitchen between machines.

  • Concave conveyor belt increases capacity
  • Modular profile construction
  • Escalation angle max. 35°*
*Frost resistant to -30°C
Features Pellon BC 600
Controls Pellon G-Pro2
Length of the base section 600mm (drive and free ends)
Length of the elements 1000, 1500, 2000,  3000mm

Belt width

600 mm
Power consumption 3-phase
1.5 kW length of the conveyor 0.6 to 27 m

3.0 kW length of the conveyor 27 to 37 m





CC800 for large capacities

  • Completely closed conveyor bottom
  • Gives even flow to next device
  • Keeps feed kitchen floors clean


  • Stainless steel bottom slide plate
  • Covered roller chain
  • Toothed scrapers to release pressure against bottom plate
  • Self cleaning chain wheels


Application examples

  • Installations of 45° or even more lifting agles like from mixer to feeder or from filling devices to mixer
  • Also for horizontal installations when no e.g. silage leakings are not allowed


  • CC800 Bend element 45° bend upwards
Features Pellon CC800
Width 800 mm
Lift up angle 45°
Power 3,0 kW
Controls Pellon G-Pro2




Flexible Augers

SUPER Spirals – Convenient conveyor
Pellon spiral conveyors are based on gear-drive. Gear drive does not overheat or need maintenance.
Pellon SUPER spiral tubing is an extra strong 75 mm plastic tube with 5 mm wall thickness.


Features Super 75 FS 127
Controls Pellon G-Pro2
Tube size 75 mm s=5 mm 127 mm s=5 mm
Max. length 55 m 40 m
Drawbar output 1,1 kW 3-phase 1,5 kW 3-phase




Pellon Chain Conveyor

A flexible system for feed transportation even for longer distances.










Farm Silos

Pellon silos are of hot-dip galvanized steel plates made by the best European manufacturers according to the UNE-EN 36130 standard.
Corrugated construction evens internal temperature and decreases condensation risk.
Our silos are designed according to the requirements of automated feeding.

  • Zinc coating Z600 gr/m2
  • CE certification EN-1090
  • Dip edges keep water outside
Features  Farm Silos
Capacity 10 m³ 16 m³ 22 m³ 28 m³ 33,5 m³
Payload 6,7 t 10,5 t 14,2 t 18 t 21,8 t
Heigth 5,5 m 6,6 m 7,7 m 8,8 m 9,9 m
Diameter 2,55 m




A wide range of mills

Roller Mill

The core of the Roller Mills are roller barrels made from high-quality steel. The dense, criss-cross pattern of the rollers actively draws in the compressable material and also thoroughly mashes small grains.



Mashing power 400 1000kg/h
Motor 4kW
Roller diametre 250mm
Roller width 200mm
Height 82cm
Width 69cm
Length 71cm









Suction/Blowing Roller Mill

The Suction/Blowing Roller Mill sucks in grains, peas or corn for the Roller Mill. The stone separator cleans the material from foreign objects. After the mashing, the mill transports the feed by blowing it into a silo or a batch mixer. A flex auger can also be attached to the mill, so the feed can be transported to another device, for example a rail feeder.



Mashing power 400 - 1000kg/h
Mill motor 4kW
Blower motor 3kW
Suction power 2 x 15m
Height 176cm
Width 84cm
Length 132cm
Blowing power 100m