Group stall

Calves have to be kept in group stalls. A calf that is being fed on colostrum can be kept in a single stall for a maximum of two weeks unless there is any specific medical reason for prolongation.

A functional group size is 6 to 10 calves. A group size small enough ensures the maintenance of group stability in various stages of breeding.

A group stall that meets the requirements of animal welfare support must have the following minimum surface area:

  • 0–3 months old: 1.8 m²
  • 3–6 months old: 2.1 m²

At least half of this surface must consist of a firmly based, well-dried, clean, solid and soft lying area.

The room space or lying area must be heatable with a central heating system (hot water radiators) or radiating heater.

Group age and the quality of coarse feed being fed have to be considered in the structures of the group stall front railings and feeding tables.



Up to the age of three months, it is easiest to feed calves through a free-portioning device that is situated in a spot where it is easy to clean and refill.

Drinking water has to be freely accessible in the group stall. The easiest way to guarantee water access for calves is to use float bowls.