Portioning device TR2

Group stall concentrate feed portioning device

Calf development from a suckling calf into a ruminant can be helped by starting the feeding of concentrates from the very first days onward. A good general instruction is to begin with a handful and gradually increase the dosage up to a kilo/day. When the calf eats a kilo of concentrated feed per day, its stomachs are ready for separation from suckling feed.

Sufficient portioning of feed in a group stall is ensured with a free-portioning device.

The portioning device is attached to the front railing or to a spacing barrier, also a place where it can easily be filled. The free-portioning device is made of polyurethane.

The container holds 130 l of calf feed at a time, and it works with both granular and muesli feed. Two calves can eat from the feeding trough simultaneously.


Size: height=110 cm, depth=40 cm, width=60 cm