Automatic drink feeders are computer-controlled and will identify calves using an identifier (E-mark) on the calf's collar or in the ear. In automated drinking, an individual drink feeding plan can be set for each calf. A user can adjust the amount of drink per day, the number of drinking times per day and the maximum amount of drink to be offered at one time. The drink feeder can dispense either fresh milk or milk replacement produced from power and water. 


The automatic drink feeder will dispense a drink that is always at the correct temperature and of uniform quality. Weaning of calves also occurs in a controlled manner according to a plan by reducing the amount of a calf's drink. An automatic drink feeder will also notify the user of a possible drink disorder. An automatic drink feeder will provide calves with drink according to their drinking plan without ever tiring. 


Free feeding of acidified milk allows the calves to drink freely or nearly so. Feeding acidified milk saves on work because the drink does not need to be prepared separately each time. Acidified milk remains suitable for drinking 1-3 days depending on the temperature of the air. The temperature of the drink should be 15–30 degrees depending on conditions.



When feeding acidified milk, the calf is fed either from a teat bucket or a large tank. In addition to the tank, teats and hoses are needed. The tank, teats and hoses must all be cleaned regularly. 


The method reduces workload. Waste milk can be efficiently utilized. Acidified milk also improves the health of the calves because the acid content of the drink prevents calf diarrhoea. The method also reduces the calves' tendency to suck navels and ears. 

Reducing workload and increasing precision with the aid of automation!